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Intersection of Lives

Intersection of Lives

What will their life ending be?

Every life story has an ending, for some it’s good, for many a life of tears and pain. These are not mere numbers on a chart or a statistic, they represent real people with real life experiences. For some it goes well but for many their ending is hopelessness, bondage and continual oppression. The question I need to ask myself is… what do I do with this person I have just meet, heard her story, seen her reality and the severity of her life circumstances? As I observe and listen to the reality in front of me I ponder on my heart reaction… how do I respond to this? Or even, should I respond at all? Should I pass by and move on in life?

Over the past month I have witness the journey of multiple life stories in various countries. I have meet young Nigerian and Romanian women on the streets of cities in southern Spain being trafficked at a young age of 14, 16 and beyond for the sex industry. I have meet them in Morocco where they get recruited living in dire circumstances under the covering of tress waiting for an opportunity to cross the fence into Europe seeking a life of freedom.

I have seen the look in their eyes, a staring of fear, pain and hopelessness.

To witness the destructive attempt of a step-father in Thailand selling off the virginity of her now step-daughter for $800 to a foreign buyer. I have once again witness the hurt and pain in the city of Pattaya, Thailand where thousands of young women are trafficked daily. To sit with them in their place of work, to hear their life story, to watch their pain, to hear them say… no women wants to live in this city, I feel like I’m already dead inside, I have no hope, I have no options, no one cares for me. These words pierce my heart; how do I walk away from this? What do I actually do with this? Or even more, what should I do about this?

What will their life ending be? I ponder on this question because it implicates taking practical action or not which can have a direct effect on her life. I cannot just walk by and not notice the reality around me, if I don't jump into taking action what will their life ending be? Weather I see first hand the issue or hear about it through someone else should I not be the one who jumps into providing some short of answer solution to the need of this person?

For some of the Nigerian young girl’s freedom is already a real reality. Witnessing five of them getting freed from the sex industry into caring centers has been a real joy or the work being done to save the 12-year-old girl in Thailand from being sold out. Meeting 12 new young women in Pattaya last week as they are now under the care of a team who is loving them, teaching them English, bakery, business classes and other practical skills to help them move from a life of oppression to a life of freedom. Spending several hours with a young mom who after being trapped in a life of slavery and daily raping for numerous years and separated from her children was able to reunite with her children and parents in northern Thailand starting a new life with a new hope.

Should my concern not be to move me to provide means and ways for those caught in the sex slavery life? To see them freed from this entrapment?

I cannot just walk by the issue, observe from a distance and continuing my own journey in life.

There comes a point where my journey intersects with the journey of that one person or group of people who’s are in dire need to be freed. I need to do something and now… while I might wait she continues to be exploited, waiting is not an option but taking action is!

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