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A Sweet Update

A Sweet Update

Do you like Chocolate?

When most of us think of dessert we think indulgence.

When these women think dessert, they think opportunity.

Som* sits around a lunch table with her fellow classmates at the Employment Education Center in Pattaya, Thailand. They're laughing and eating some spicy Thai soup, made in the style of their home region... always a special treat that one of our staff members, Ma Norm, intentionally provides. She turns to another team member, "See?" her eyes smile, "They like it with the extra spice!"

This center has become a poignant refuge in a city filled with struggles.

"Will I eat today?"

"Will my children eat today?"

"Will I get a customer to pay me enough money today?"

"What will I have to do to get him to pay me enough money today?"

The women and girls we have the privilege of working with aren't pitiful individuals in need of saving. They are full of laughter, skills and strength. However, the endless stress and generational abuses bury these beautiful attributes and abilities to thrive. By growing a healthy, uplifting, family-like community, we are providing much more than an Employment Education Center. We are providing the option of hope.

While sitting amongst her peers and teachers, Som* decides that now is the the time to announce that she has left the bar (the place where she was being prostituted). After weeks of attending classes at the EEC, the message of "You can do it!" finally took root in her heart. She turns to the center director and asks a simple exciting question,"Can you help me find a job?"

Not Abandoned constantly strives to be practical in the kind of love and services we offer. Sometimes it's through the exquisite creations made through baking class that trigger this ideas that "something more" could be possible. Sometimes it's their faster-than-expected achievement in English or computer courses that gives a women the boost of confidence needed. More often however, it's the unconditional love that ultimately has the most power to break through the trauma of trafficking and allow someone to see their true worth. It allows them to see that the possibility of a healthy and happier future is real with a little help and work.

*Name has been changed.

Hope is the sweetest of all the possibilities that you can create together.

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