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A Trafficking Prevention Film

A Trafficking Prevention Film

Family. Home. Quiet. Peace. Normal.
This is what the ladies of Pattaya crave. Nothing can replace "home" so we're increasing our prevention efforts to keep more ladies in the land of their hearts.

When Not Abandoned set out this year to create a trafficking prevention film specifically to be used in Thailand we knew we needed to highlight one major theme: family. Through the preparations for this film, we have been able to interview our current and past students to help create the framework for the story. In fact, their words have become the actual script. One of our students is the main actress for the film and one of the major filming locations is the home of an EEC alumni. The greater Not Abandoned family truly has come together to make this project possible.

For a sneak-peek behind the scenes of Not Abandoned's upcoming film watch this video.

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Most people in the Thai Isan region don’t truly understand what it means to “go to Pattaya to find a job” unless they’ve actually gone themselves and experienced the horrible abuses. Even then, if that individual returns home, this reality is never discussed with others for fear of losing face or being shamed, which could literally lead to losing the family they’ve so desperately longed for. This film gives the vital opportunity to shed light on the reality of trafficking through a 3-party story teller without bringing shame on any specific person.

The prevention film tells the story of a Thai girl who is living with her mom on their rice farm in an Isan village. When the family finds themselves in crippling debt a friend invites the daughter to come work with her in Pattaya, without explaining the details. This is not a story that vilifies any one person. It is not a story to bring shame. It is a story however that shows the clear reality of the what happens with the sex industry in Thailand.

This film will be about 20 minutes long and has been filmed in the preferred Thai style of videography which carries more of a soap opera quality. This film is also entirely in the common Thai language as well as the regional Isan dialect that 80% of the trafficked women in Thailand come from. With your support, distribution of this story will happen through a community gathering in strategic villages where the film will be shown, followed by a group discussion, testimony from EEC alumni students and then a presentation of alternate economic opportunities available to the families, directly through Not Abandoned or through a local partner.

Special thank you to our volunteer videographer/photographers Cody Sandberg and Demi Maryand who have so beautifully connected their passion to purpose through this project.

A Trafficking Prevention Film

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