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REDLIGHT Pattaya Party Video

REDLIGHT 2017 Pattaya Outreach

A Success of Many New Friendships and Full Hearts!

These past two weeks 26 volunteers and staff, Thai and foreign, came together from over 10 cities across the US and Thailand for REDLIGHT Pattaya outreach. We spent 3 days of intensive training and about 40 hours per person over 8 days in outreach to the bars and brothels of Pattaya. The end of the outreach culminated in a celebration party to honor about 80 of our new friends and make sure they have the opportunity to sign up for classes at our Employment Education Center! Simply put, this team fully embraced our mantra to "Show up and love" in the most practical of ways.

REDLIGHT is a special time when foreign volunteers from all over the U.S. show up in Thailand to join the Not Abandoned Thai team in building new relationships with the ladies caught in Pattaya's notorious sex bars. Our veteran volunteers also have the unique opportunity to follow up with their friends from years past. Whether it's a new friend or an old one, our aim is to become a supportive community through relationship and through the practical services offered by Not Abandoned's Employment Education Center and Transitional Residential Care Center.

Check out the highlights in our REDLIGHT Pattaya Party Video

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Please help show your continued support of our team and volunteers as they focus on the vital post-outreach follow-up of the hundreds of new contacts hopeful to exit this abusive life. It's this continued care that proves our unconditional love to these ladies who's lives are often filled with broken trust. Our labor on behalf of these incredible women reaches far beyond a two-week outreach. It is a daily effort to serve more people and to serve them better.

Thank you to our followers and supporters for your financial and prayer support of this team. Thank you to our volunteer team for your passionate and consistent Show Up and Love attitude! You all are helping women exit slavery and helping us unlock freedom!

REDLIGHT 2017 Group Photo

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