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Expand Freedom Initiative

Having impact around the world

The Expand Freedom Initiative is the on-going extension of Not Abandoned’s impact to global trafficking hot spots. It is our vision to reproduce our successful model in order to continue increasing our reach into other areas in Asia, as well as other regions of the world. Through partnership with others, who are like-minded in mission and passion, we will expand freedom by building practical programs available to the global communities where trafficking in rampant.

What the Expand Freedom Initiative is all about

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Increasing our Global Presence

We are projecting our reach and expansion in three areas of the world.

Expand Southeast Asia Base

Southeast Asia Expansion
Phuket, Thailand Branch

Develop a new branch in this city considered the second Pattaya of Thailand where there is very little work being done in this trafficking hot stop.

Myanmar Branch

Develop a new branch in this country bordering Thailand to the West where trafficking of younger victims are getting recruited and trafficked within the country and across borders into Thailand.

Launch European Base

Luanch European Base
Malaga, Spain Branch

Open and develop a new base in Spain for the European region. Spain is the leading country in Europe for human trafficking with women brought in from Rumania, Bulgaria, Russia, South America, North Africa and within Spain. Young girls and women are also getting recruited and kidnapped from within the current refugee groups.

Launch American Base

Launch American Base
Caribbean Branch

In partnership with Vednita Carter Ministries, facilitate the opening of a transitional housing program along with practical support services to trafficked women. Very little to none is being done in this community with women from multiple countries like Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Haiti, Puerto Rico and others countries in the region. The goal is to also help facilitate the reach and support to trafficked women within these countries in partnership with other agencies and individuals with likeminded vision.

U.S City Branches (Chicago, Milwaukee, Houston, Miami)

In partnership with Vednita Carter Ministries, expand the Offender Prostitution Program, along with training and education around the issues of human trafficking. Promote and facilitate strategic partnerships with like-minded agencies working both in the U.S. as well as around the world.