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Vednita Carter Ministries

Vednita Carter Ministries and Not Abandoned

We are excited to announce an official partnership between Vednita Carter Ministries and Not Abandoned. Our mutual objective is to bring freedom to the oppressed. Now, more so than ever, we will be strong in our fight against human trafficking both domestically in the U.S. and around the world. By bringing our efforts together we will enhance our effectiveness in bringing freedom to the exploited. Our passions are the same and together our execution of this passion is even stronger.

This partnership allows for the breadth of our programming to expand. The vision of Vednita Carter Ministries is to set the captives free by living out the word of God; to present the truth to all humanity, no matter who they are or what they have been through—trafficked, prostituted, poor, incarcerated, abused, homeless, addicted—without judgment or criticism.

Vednita Carter Ministries will accomplish this through these three pillars of programming.


Enhance Services

Granting financial support to direct service organizations


Scholarship Success

Granting individual assistance scholarships for crisis and growth


Educate Change

Training and equipping of direct service providers and advocates

Dr. Vednita Carter and Jeff McKinley

Vednita Carter Ministries

Dr. Vednita Carter brings to the partnership over twenty-five years of ministry experience in this field. She is a survivor of sex-trafficking and a global abolitionist leader. She has created internationally renowned non-profit programs that have helped countless numbers of women who have been impacted by sex trafficking. Dr. Carter is an author, sought-after speaker, trainer, and award-winning pioneer in the abolitionist movement. She has trained law enforcement and FBI, colleges, faith community and many others. She was awarded the prestigious Norma Hotaling Award for her life-long service to victims of sex trafficking. Vednita Carter serves as a member of the board of directors for the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) and for Prostitution Research and Education, and Space International and was named a CNN Hero for her work in ending sexual exploitation of women and girls.

Not Abandoned

Not Abandoned is an action-driven organization that is committed to serving the biggest trafficking hubs of the world. They do not just talk about it, but are practically present among the most vulnerable peoples in order to offer freedom and hope. Backed by over twenty years of experience in the field internationally, Not Abandoned leadership brings to the partnership specialties in the areas of cross-cultural training, equipping of outreach teams, organized intervention outreach, strategic community development planning, trauma-informed training and service, customized and direct services to victims. Not Abandoned’s strength as an organization is their practical approach to both direct services and also equipping the masses through partnership and training, as well as their undying commitment to the holistic care of the hurting individual.

Our common goal is to provide options for freedom and opportunities for the hurting to obtain a better life.

Together both Vednita Carter Ministries and Not Abandoned align in their mutual passion to reach out to the prostituted community of lives who are enslaved, as well as providing awareness, education and training to both individuals, entities affected and others who are able to help provide support and practical help.

Not Abandoned will be the fiscal agent for Vednita Carter Ministries. Donations mailed in support of this partnership should be sent to Not Abandoned, Attn: Vednita Carter Ministries, P.O. Box 3263, Kirkland, WA 98083. Donations made online should be designated to Vednita Carter Ministries.