Not Abandoned Welcomes New Team Members

Not Abandoned is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our Pattaya, Thailand team. Jason and Sarah Ann Ricketts, both 42, are originally from Shoals, Alabama, have been married for 21 years and have four daughters. The Ricketts first moved to Thailand in January of 2006. Stories of children being sold into prostitution simply so […]

June 25, 2016  /  Comments Off on Not Abandoned Welcomes New Team Members

Miraculous Disappointments

With Christmas just days away and 2016 just around the corner, it is naturally the time to reflect on the past year…and what a year it’s been! In May, we opened the EEC (Employment Education Center) and have held many classes ranging from English to personal development since then. We have been able to help […]

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What 42 People Can Do

This morning I was reflecting on last month and the unbelievable 14-day REDLIGHT outreach trip to Pattaya, Thailand.  We are continuing to see residual success from this large team and their efforts to help bring hope and freedom to trafficked women! So much to be thankful for… Celebrate with us some of the highlights from this two-week […]

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