There is HOPE!

By now most of us have heard a lot about sex trafficking. We’ve seen the shocking statistics about the millions of women, children, and men who are trapped in this hellish industry. We’ve learned about the powerful human trafficking rings and large organised crime syndicates that profit from this detestable trade. We’ve heard personal stories […]

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Want to be a HERO?

Have you ever dreamed of being a hero?  When was the last time that you believed that you could change the world?  Children all have vision for how they are going to leave there mark on the world, but for most of us the monotony of everyday life has locked us into the practical.  We […]

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How Much Money is She Worth?

How much money is one girl worth?  This is perhaps a question we aren’t used to asking.  If the girl is our sister, our daughter or our friend, we wouldn’t reduce her life to a price tag.  We instinctively know that money can’t begin to touch the value of a person. While we may feel […]

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