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End sex slavery

Every day the innocent are lured, tricked and forced into the horrific world of sex slavery. Not Abandoned exists to bring freedom, health and opportunity.

There are millions of me

No little girl says she wants to grow up to be in the sex industry. No little girl dreams of having lifelong nightmares of rape. No little girl says that she wants these things, yet, that’s exactly what’s happening to literally hundreds of thousands of girls, boys, men and women every day worldwide.

Though sex slavery can be found in every region, one of the hardest hits areas of our world is in Southeast Asia. Year by year the problem of trafficking in this region is getting worse.

On one street in Pattaya, Thailand there are over 4,000 bodies up for sale and citywide there are an estimated 200,000 people trapped in the sex industry. Hard to imagine? It should be. This has got to stop.

We're Restoring Hope

We are intervening in the sex industry to provide practical options and accessible programming to victims and families.


Uncover vulnerable populations and strategic partners



Meet those in slavery at their place of need


Provide resources for emotional and physical healing


Offer personal and professional growth opportunities


Enable a new healthy life for lasting impact

We Need You

Without the loving sacrifice and generosity of people like you our work to end this globally could not happen.

Make your time count by volunteering.

Let your purchases mean something.

Give and directly impact a life.

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